10 Books That Beetlejuice WOULD Write

written by: Beetlejuice (TigerLover)

10.) My Afterlife in Grime

9.) How To Be a Master of Disguise - and Disgust

8.) Beetlejuice's Violin Instruction Manual

7.) 101 Ways to Eat Beetles

6.) How to Con Your Friends For Fun And Profit

5.) 8,000,000 Reasons Why I'm The Ghost With The Most... And You're Not!

4.) How To Be A Player In 10 Easy Steps *Special thanks to: Alexa, Julianne, Laura, Jennie, Katie, Terri, Blanch, Dianna, Gretchen....

3.) Beetles: The Other White Meat

2.) Lydia: She's MY Best Friend, So Back-off, Prince Vince!!!

1.) F*** My Brains Out (Take that as you will, ladies.)