Beetlejuice's Top 10 Pick-up Lines

written by: TigerLover & Adrienne

10) "Lost? Allow my tie to point ya in the right direction!"

9) "Lemme show ya how much fun flyin' can really be!"

8) "How 'bout we skip the Calypso tonight and head straight for the 'Mambo Italiano'?"

7) "Gettin' tired of the stripes? How 'bout my birthday suit, instead?!"

6) "I'd take a bath with you any day!"

5) "Wanna get 'Juiced'?"

4) "Coffins are good for more than just sleepin' in, Babes!"

3) "Wanna find out why they really call me 'The Ghost With The Most'?"

2) "There are certain advantages to havin' a tongue this long..."

1) "Bet I can make ya call my name a hell of a lot more than just three times!"