Top 10 Things That Beetlejuice Would Never Say

written by: Adrienne

10) "I have the overwhelming urge to pay my rent on time. Which means I need to get a job!"

9) "Yeee-haw, Monster! Can I sing along?"

8) "The Neitherworld needs more tap-dancing spiders. How 'bout a whole chorus line of 'em?"

7) "Hey, Jacques! I'll pay ya to be my personal trainer, ol' buddy, ol' pal!"

6) "Gee, I really need to cut down on my daily intake of insects."

5) "Can I borrow your tie, Donny?"

4) "I wanna be just like you, Pop!"

3) "Lyds, you look fabulous in pink!"

2) "I should clean this dump..."

1) "...and have Delia redecorate."